A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

3D adventure platformer about anime girls running around collecting red pandas. 

This was developed as a final assignment in Steve Hodges' Mobile Game Programming course at Cabrillo College. 

Current Status: Demo; unfinished. 

For Current Progress, check out my Dev Log.

Install instructions


  1. Download and extract .zip file
  2. Run "Red Panda Adventures.exe"


RedPandaAdventure_1-4.zip 82 MB
RedPandaAdventure_v1-5-linux.zip 139 MB

Development log


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I truly enjoyed this game, recognizing its current demo status. I didn't expect it to be so rich and immersive. The game mechanics are just as wonderful as the leaves and colors when you're in the mood for something relaxed - plus red pandas. Overall the developer is probably looking out for more feedback from the community. Four out of five stars as I didn't expect this quality at the individual college student level, and the text could have been more thematic

Thanks for the review! I'm happy you enjoyed it. I feel bad that I haven't updated the content in a while, but hopefully I can add a little bit more to the game soon.